Essential Security Platform for the Auto Industry

Autonomous Car

Future Mobility Platform

The autonomous car market is projected to be the largest market in the world. However, the number of companies that develop autonomous cars is limited by the number of hands. The reason for this is that it is possible when it comes to the many available technologies such as Lidar, Radar, high-precision GPS, stereo and top cameras, and high-precision mapping. Cube has developed autonomous vehicles with its own technology in these markets, and is developing various other autonomous vehicle technologies.

Autonomous Cars Security Platform

We develop a technique to block malicious attacks on hacking for autonomous cars and connected cars using hash codes that form the core of block chain technology and block chains. Cube blocks these attacks using its own developed Synapse. Please refer to the white paper for details.

We have developed SYNAPSE, but we expect this security system to be applicable when autonomous vehicles become commonplace.

Mobility Data Business

The Mobility Data Business Is solving some of the biggest problems associated with mobility such as overcrowding, traffic congestion, emissions and mode shift. By using data-driven methods and digital rewards schemes we can enact behaviour change among urban citizens, paving the way for more liveable cities across the world.


Through our Cubebox hardware solution, we can gather real-time mobility and emissions data, which will be recorded on our blockchain to ensure trust. Dynamic control features will allow for granular control of one’s data, and smart contracts will enforce the transaction whereby the data is offered in exchange for our own Cube tokens. In this way, we can create a functioning marketplace for mobility data, which can then be used by authorities and enterprises alike.

Cube Mobility Marketplace Overview

Mobility Wallet
  • Stores mobility data
  • Stores tokens
  • Stores consent choices
  • Records transactions
  • Safe (immutable)
  • Enforces trust
Smart Contracts
  • Full Decentralization
  • Lowers costs

The Road to MaaS

Cube Token Usage Plan


(i.e. Gas Station , Car Repair Shop , Insurance Companies)

1 - CUBE


i.e. Gas Discount , Car Purchase Discount , Mileage Insurance

Data Producer

(Date Producer , CUBE Owners)

3 - CUBE


i.e. Big Data , Driving Records , Fuel Efficiency, Vehicle Condition

Data Consumer

(i.e. Automotive Companies , Traffic Information Providers , Insurance Companies , Government , Lab)


  • Car Sharing Companies
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Insurance Companies
  • Gas Companies
  • Traffic Information Providers
  • Automakers

*Above company's logos are not realted to actual contracts.
it is a representation of potential partners.



Autonomous Vehicle Valet Parking Business

Cube AI is developing an autonomous car valet parking service. At present autonomous cars are being developed by IT companies such as Google and Uber , and automobile companies such as Daimler, Volvo, VW and Hyundai. At present, we are all involved in autonomous driving on the roads, but there is no company that has been developed yet in the field of valet parking in autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous parking is safe because it is low speed of less than 3 Km per hour , and it is expected that demand for autonomous parking will be high because drivers spend their average of 20 minutes per day on the parking lot.

Valve parking in the cube enables the autonomous parking by processing the deep run using only the vision information with Camera Only. It is a way to allow autonomous cars to autonomously park by training in deep running through hundreds of thousands of parking exercises from the parking lot entrance to the empty space.

Smart Parking Management System

Cube AI is developing Smart Parking Management System that brings a business opportunity that is integrated with products by automotive OEMs such as Mobility service and vehicle models. Smart Parking Management System offers the most complete range of hardware, software, and cloud/local based products for parking operators and owners.